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A little about us

INtAGRO | an international company with over 20 years of experience in the development, import and marketing of high quality fertilizers and nutrients from a worldview that sees agriculture as the basis and supreme value for the developing future.


Farmers using INTAGRO products testify that they are seeing results in the field. The use of INTAGRO fertilizers and nutritional products helps to obtain improved and quality crops, while maintaining soil fertility.



Loving and dedicated care, healthy nutrition for the plant and the soil. This is all that is needed to create a flowery, colorful and healthy garden. The INTAGRO series bio-stimulants are suitable for fertilizer pumps as well as for spraying. The preparations are organic and non-toxic to children, animals and the environment.



With close guidance and follow-up, INTAGRO has been able to rehabilitate and streamline hundreds of growing areas in Israel and around the world. With years of knowledge and experience, we provide the tailored and optimal care for the soil conditions and the type of crop.


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